Monday, December 8, 2014

Tahoe SAFE Alliance Unveils Public Service Announcement on Domestic Violence Health Crisis

This Holiday Season, Tahoe SAFE Alliance has much to be thankful for.  We are grateful for the hundreds of women, men, teens, and children that have found their voice.  Women like Olivia, 18, who is a survivor of sexual assault.  She has found healing through talking and sharing her story with others.  And women like Celia, 32, who is a survivor of domestic violence.  She has found light where before there was darkness.  She and her two children are now able to live happy, healthy, violence free lives. 
We are thankful for the special people who support our work – through volunteering, action, and financial gifts.  We couldn’t help the hundreds of men, women, teens, and children that seek our services without the support from our North Lake Tahoe and Truckee community.  These individuals ensure that our services – the very safety net for abuse victims – are available tomorrow and for years to come.  

This Holiday Season, we are also reminded that there is more work to be done.  Educating our community about the violence and abuse that is happening in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee is extremely important so that those in violent situations know about our services.   And, to help community members  be better equipped to help our family, friends, and neighbors when we see or hear it. And, if we are to be successful at ending violence, it's important that we educate youth, businesses, and adults about violence prevention, safety, and healthy relationships.

Furthermore, raising awareness about Tahoe SAFE Alliance’s mission is important in helping to raise money for our programs and services and ensuring the financial health of the organization.  We have a multi-faceted fundraising strategy that includes financial gifts from individuals.   It is support from community members that make our organization strong.

End of year donations are important.  As we geared up for our annual end of year appeal, we received a special gift from a local community member.  This passionate family financially supported the creation of a Public Service Announcement to help us broaden awareness and financial support.  We worked with the talented and experienced Jameson Media Group and recruited Reno’s Channel 2 Evening News Anchor Wendy Damonte to communicate the domestic violence crisis and Tahoe SAFE Alliance’s financial need.

We are very excited about the PSA and it holds significance as it’s the first created for and by a domestic violence organization in Northern Nevada.  It will run on Reno’s Channel 2 in December and February.  We hope that it will raise awareness about this important issue and increase much needed funds for Tahoe SAFE Alliance.

As you watch the video, please be reminded of the 787 community members that Tahoe SAFE Alliance helped last year.  We answered 404 emergency calls on our 24-hour crisis line.  Eight women and 15 children took shelter in our Safe House.  We provided 1,688 legal services to 133 clients.  And, 31 children were given 1:1 counseling with a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern.  

Please help us raise awareness and share this video with family and friends.  We hope that it will motivate community members to get involved and join the movement to ending violence in our families and schools.  If we are to stop violence, it takes all of us working together.  

Happy Holidays,

Dawn Harris
Fund Development Manager
Tahoe SAFE Alliance

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